Pan Dulce, Poster Board, and Border Reflections: Community Partners Reflect on Plan de Arte Cívico

On Saturday, February 16th, Las Imaginistas invited a group of thought leaders to our studio space for an intimate conversation about our project, Hacemos la Ciudad.

The group of educators, activists, artists, and creators spoke about their experiences with the project over coffee and pan dulce. The group’s unique perspective as collaborators who have been involved with the project at various stages provided indispensable insights about the direction and impact of Hacemos la Ciudad.

Idelfonso Ortiz, a community member and Taller de Permiso small business fellow, said he appreciated the sense of community he gained from participating in the project. “I want to thank Las Imaginistas because through Hacemos La Ciudad, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a group of people who set their self-interests aside to think about the greater good for others,” he said.

Joe Uvalles, a local activist who advocates for LGBTQ issues while performing in drag as Beatrix Lestrange, reflected on how many doubted his vision for combining activism and drag performances, as he spoke about the potential to inspire radical action through projects like Hacemos la Ciudad:

“People didn’t want to believe in what I had pictured in my head for my community. Finding people to believe in me, to allow me to be creative and think about making a space for people like me was really powerful. I can only imagine what Hacemos la Ciudad is gonna do for other people by letting them know they aren’t crazy, that it’s okay to have these creative thoughts, to have a vision for yourself and for you community.”

The data gathered during the focus group will be directly used in the next final stages of the project when we work with local performers to create theatrical scenes of the future of Brownsville and then conclude the project with the creation of our Plan de Arte Civico del Pueblo Entero (Civic Art Plan for all the People).  

Join us for these next two project phases (Practicamos el Futuro 3/22/19 and Andamos al Futuro 4/27/19) as we present the culmination of the project to the public. We hope to see you there!

Nansi Guevara