Movimiento del Futuro


As part of our continued investigation on the future of art and equity in the City of Brownsville Movimiento del Futuro will feature 8 performers imagining what it would be like to live, move and breath in a more just version of our city.  

This event follows an Hacemos la Ciudad event hosted in November, in which community activists, artists, city employees and nonprofit leaders came together to build a model to scale of the future of the region. The intersection of diverse stakeholders sparked robust conversation and innovative ideas.  By the end of the day, we formed community led agendas on a wide range of community development issues including immigration, transportation, environment, education, health, housing, and economic development.

Now Las Imaginistas and our community partners will imagine putting these ideas into practice.  Participants will imagine themselves as anthropologists moving through the future built environment.  Audience members will watch as the performers investigate the qualities of the future and propel their movement experience years into the future.  

The event will feature costume design by local fashion legend, Nolan Navarro.  A runway show featuring Nolan’s costuming for the future of the region will follow the workshop performance.

Hacemos la Ciudad is a year long project that uses multiple ways of knowing as exploratory tools for community collaboration and visioning.  After spending 6 months with community partners creating a vision for our region, we will explore some of these future realities with movers, performers and other community members.  

Nansi Guevara